Astoria, Oregon

Astoria Day Trip

– Two hours from Portland –

Song of the Day: Brandi Carlile – Whatever You Do 

Drink of the Day: Rogue Elderflower Saison

First Stop – Coffee Girl

Second Stop – Explore the cannery and buy some fresh crab

Third Stop – Over the bridge to Cape Disappointment State Park

Fourth Stop – Rogue Ales Public House Astoria

The rain falls steadily. It is early spring. This weather is to be expected. The droplets fall onto the roof making noise like off beat drums. The drops soon merge together in long tendrils, falling off of the side of the building as one. The rhythm and steady flow lull me as I sit inside Coffee Girl sipping a latte and reading a novel. I look out the window. Through the dripping water, I can make out the outlines of cargo ships moving down the Columbia River. Coffee Girl has been here for decades, outlasting the seafood cannery and logging industry it was established to fuel. Now it fuels the tourists, like me.

Wind and sea salt whip through my hair as I run down the beach with Mike and our dog, Phil Collins. The bite in the air isn’t enough to cause pain or real discomfort. It is just enough to invigorate my body with life. We run along the water’s edge then stop abruptly to face the wind.



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