Deception Pass State Park

1.5 hours north of Seattle

Theme song of the day: Joe Walsh- Life’s Been Good

One of the best days I have had in a long time happened last week. Life has been good in general, so I don’t mean it to sound like things have been bad, because they definitely haven’t. But it was one of those days where nothing goes wrong and everything just seems to work out how you expect it to.



We drove to Deception Pass State Park. As usual we didn’t really have any plans beyond our destination and ended up spending the whole day walking through the park. It was a beautiful Northwest winter day. The skies were cloudy, but it wasn’t raining. It was however incredibly windy, but as you know I love the weather up here and it didn’t deter me at all.



We pulled over on a small overlook on Deception Pass before driving down to the park. I got out of the van and went out onto the bridge. Mike and Collins (our pup) followed close behind. The views of the Puget Sound were incredible from there.



After walking the bridge we headed to the park to let Collins run around and do a bit of exploring. There were small trails winding all the way around the edge of the small bay. We met a couple searching for agates and a small group of people racing sail boats.


We ended up walking up a trail that greeted us with a “Warning: Hazardous Area” sign. Always the cautious one, I wasn’t too excited at first about continuing on, but Mike talked me into it. Honestly, he didn’t have to work too hard at it.

Luckily it was no big deal and just led to a ledge higher up, overlooking the entire area. It reminded me of being at the beach in Scotland. We ended up standing at the top for quite awhile before leaving.


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