Golden Gardens

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Once again we decided to hit the beach last weekend. It’s the most relaxing place. We chose to stay in the city and ventured to Golden Gardens Park for the day.

The park is located on the shores of the Puget Sound in the Ballard neighborhood. It is about twenty minutes north of downtown. 

Arriving there I was reminded that I am a newbie. Even being from Oregon I was surprised to see everyone playing volleyball and eating ice cream in swimming suits, when had arrived decked out in Patagonia.

The day was overcast, but not drizzly. It was ideal for walking the shores and checking out all of the sailboats.

Phil Collins (my pup) decided to steal a ball from another dog as we walked down the beach. We were all incredibly entertained when he began tossing the ball in the air to catch it again. Each time he missed he would chase after it desperately just to repeat the process. Finally we caught up with him and gave it back to the other dog who had been looking around wondering when someone would take care of the situation.

I am hoping to go back to Golden Gardens again at least once this month. I had my eye on some of the grassy picnic spaces, and I wouldn’t mind getting some friends together for a volleyball game either.






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