Padilla Bay

40 minutes South of Bellingham

1.5 hours North of downtown Seattle

Theme song of the day: Counting Crows- Amie

Slate colored skies covered the rough rocky shores and foliage here. After the hot week before, I welcomed the northwest weather that greeted us. We had gotten in the car with no particular plans, only knowing we wanted to explore farther north, near Bellingham. We found the new territory we had been looking for at Padilla Bay. We walked along the shore-side trail, taking in the views of the Puget Sound, picking wildflowers and throwing sticks to our dog, Collins. I am always content spending hours in places like this. In the quiet. Awaiting the chance of misty rain.

After awhile, tired and slightly chilled we drove the rest of the way to Bellingham and stopped at Aslan Brewing Company to fill up on burgers and their Northwest Red Ale. We went home happy and refreshed.




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